Chapel Byrne moved too much growing up, so she daydreamed constantly to build herself a stable world and a love life that could go with her. All of that somehow got her to the non-imaginary stability of a cozy home with an opinionated, pretty boy. The moving is done, and the daydreaming is now just for pleasure and inspiration for books. She believes in truth, music, beauty, and the power of words. In her rare leisure moments, she enjoys NASA videos and getting lost in other people’s creations. Whether or not there are supernatural things in the world, she’s going to keep having a crush on the idea.


Chapel writes supernatural romances that don’t always stay on the usual path.

She prefers if everybody consents. She thinks people should choose what’s right for them and not just what the rest of the world considers normal. She knows that love isn’t always just a muscled brute. The romances she was exposed to growing up didn’t seem to share her opinion, and that made her suspect there was little place in romance for her. She hopes perhaps someone else who feels that way will find a place in her stories for themselves, and that her stories will help readers feel empowered to expect consent and explore other paths for love.