Playlists for Alternate Routes

Every one of the Alternate Routes stories starts with a little bit of an Intro song (from which it gets its title) and ends with a little bit of an Outro song. When I was trying to choose those songs, I usually found more than one that I thought might work. So, I made playlists! And most of them are also meant for you to work on with me.

Alternate Routes

This playlist has the Intro and Outro songs for the books, including for the free, exclusive short story I wrote just for mailing list members. I’m adding the songs slowly, because I want to leave a little mystery. Plus, you need to know that some of the Outro songs could be considered spoilers, and I add a book’s Outro song to the list the Monday after the book comes out. You might not want to look at or listen to this playlist until you’re caught up!

But, wait! There’s more!

The following playlists go with the books and have extra songs. Definitely not spoiler-free! So, I wouldn’t look or listen until you’ve read the book. But once you do, I want you to help make the playlists longer. Is there a song that should totally be on the book’s playlist and isn’t? You can contact me here or on Facebook to let me know and I’ll make it happen.

I’ll add new playlists the Monday after each book comes out. Each book’s playlist will start with the Intro and Outro song, as well as one song from the 20th century (before the year 2000) and one from the 21st century (after 2000). After that, it’s up to you!

Destined to Fall

Love Is the Beast

‘Til the Last Beat

Crimson Tastes Divine

Rich With Complaint

The Water Still Calls

Stars at Your Feet

All Enchanted and Wild

Just Flesh and Blood

Path of Cinders

Fire With Your Love