Two Books in One Day?

I’m totally excited to publish two books to kick off the Alternate Routes series. I thought about just working to get you the whole series at once, but I have smart friends who sometimes talk sense into me. (I mean, they almost always try, but I’m kind of stubborn.)

(Both books are free on Kindle Unlimited!)

This is just the beginning. There are more to come, but for now…

It’s time to escape with Evangeline and check out two of her possible futures. What happens once she’s flown the cage?

Empty birdcage against a clear, blue sky. Two white feathers float in the bird's wake.

After this, I should have a new book, a new possible future, ready for you every month. As my grandma might have said, God willin’ and the crik don’t rise, the 3rd Tuesday of every month will be the day. (Which means book 3 is headed your way in just 3 weeks! But keep your eyes open for a pre-sale–which will include a sale price–in just 1 week.)

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Okay, time to get back to telling Evangeline’s stories. The road to love is strangely paved, and I hope you’ll enjoy travelling it with us.

Animated gif. Timelapse film of driving through streets from the driver's perspective

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