Bite Me, Baby!

When I was making my list of stories to tell in the Alternate Routes books, I knew one was going to have to be vampire-y. I’m not ashamed to admit that I totally love vampire stuff, and I’ve done my share of fantasizing about bloodsuckers. Sometimes, if they’re easy enough on the eyes, even when they’re definitely the bad guy. I might have to do a whole series with vampires in the future…

Sexy Korean vampire man wipes blood off his lips
I mean, I haven’t even seen this but his face makes me want to

I think I’m just a sucker for a smooth guy dressed in black. And, let’s be honest, most of us who crave love (not just sex) like the idea of something that’s forever. If we can manage to not age while it happens, even better! (Okay, I know, that’s partly due to the toxic attitude we have toward aging in most western cultures…But I don’t think I’d want forever if it meant my joints ached more and more until I was nothing but a lot of pain and stiff knees, right?)

David Bowie in very old age makeup, as a vampire in the Hunger.
Even David Bowie didn’t enjoy being an aging vampire

Anyway, I figured that Evangeline deserved a chance at a vampire. Though, as you can tell from the description of Crimson Tastes Divine, there’s more than one man vying for her attention. And, to tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure until I wrote it who was going to win. I took an extra long shower the day I wrote the ending so I could really think it out, make sure I was doing the right thing.

Wesley Snipes as Blade, wearing a leather jacket and holding a sword
I considered a compromise

I hope you like this one! I’m gonna go look at more pictures of vampires now…

Don’t forget that there are some playlists to go with the books:

This one has the Intro and Outro songs for each book as they come out. But I wait a few days to add the Outro ones because they sometimes have spoilers. Consider that your spoiler alert!

This one is specifically to go with Crimson Tastes Divine. I’ll put in the Intro and Outro song Saturday, plus one from the 20th century (before 2000) and one from the 21st century (2000 or later). Anything else I put on there is up to you, the readers. Again, spoiler alert!

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