Music is love

The publication of Rich With Complaint seems like a good time to rave a little about music. Or, really, about how I’ve been in love with music longer than I’ve been in love with any person. (Sorry, baby.)

This is my boyfriend Music

If you’ve looked at the site or even started one of the books, you know that I’ve got songs attached to all the books. Spoiler: all the books. I start each book with a bit of a song that inspired the title. I end each book with a bit of a song that came to mind as I wrote. And then, because that isn’t enough, I’ve made playlists for each book.

And, because I think music is super important, I even have a standing invite (seriously, like, any time) for you to suggest songs to add to those playlists I started for you.

Music is the only thing that wakes my brain and my heart up as much as books do. There’s a song for every emotion and one for every story. Sometimes they just make me feel stuff, and sometimes they make me need to dance.

disco ballsThis is my best friend Dancing

And dancing is its own level of awesome, like a full-body music experience. Even if you don’t think you’re a good dancer, you just let yourself go and move and, wow, that’s amazing! Take a break right now, just put on your headphones and close your eyes and pretend like you’re being the dancing queen (or king or gender-neutral royalty) somewhere.

If music doesn’t work for you like it does for me, that’s sad but it’s okay. But I totally hope you’ll keep your ears open, just in case something suddenly speaks to you.

And if you don’t love the same music I do, that’s okay too. Music is art, and you have to find the stuff that works for you.

Music gives me Feels of all kinds

For me, it can lift my mood or inspire my stories. It’s part of how I keep being happy, and part of how I’ll keep writing. And I think it’s magical and powerful and super important.

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