Halfway There

Now that The Water Still Calls is out, the Alternate Routes series is halfway done. Halfway!

It’s totally weird to me that it seems to have gone so quickly. I thought it would seem like longer. You know, that it would feel like that forever that happens when you’re waiting for someone you just met to text you.

But, as Bon Jovi said, whooah we’re halfway there…

Gif from the Living On a Prayer video. Jon Bon Jovi at a mic, reaches for your hand as he sings "Take my hand and we'll make it I swear"Feel free to take whoever’s hand will make you confident

For me, that means that I need to start planning what’s next. But I gotta do that while still navigating us to the end of the Alternate Routes journey. Don’t worry, I’ll keep my eyes on the road. LOL

I have a list of ideas for what’s next, and I’ve got one idea that really intrigues me. One that keeps interrupting me when I’m supposed to do something else.

Of course, I don’t just do this for me. Another writer I know says (and I think multiple different people have taught this to her) that the things we create aren’t really done until someone reads them. The purpose of these books isn’t just for me to fantasize; I can just close my eyes and do that in my head. Their purpose is to entertain or distract you, to maybe make you feel something or escape your normal life for a little.

Which is my way of saying that I’d love to hear from you about what you like. The way I see it, my books will do better at fulfilling their purpose if I write something I love that I think you might love too. Obviously, when you leave reviews for the books, I read those to try to understand what you liked. But you’re totally welcome to send me a message, leave a comment, visit my Facebook or whatever and tell me what you’ve liked or what you wish had been in the books.

One person suggested more adventures for Evangeline. I don’t think she’ll have any brand new ones. You know, not a new city with a new love. But maybe she could have further adventures in one of the 10 lives I’ve already written about? I know you’re just halfway through, but you let me know if you’re eager to hear more about what happens to her after one or other of the books, okay?

I’m gonna shut up now. Leave more time for you to read The Water Still Calls.

Thanks for your support. I hope you’ll stick around for the rest of the ride.


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