Star struck

Okay, there’s not a lot I can say without spoilers or embarrassing myself.

But, since there’s a rockstar in Stars at Your Feet, I’m going to treat this like a musical dedication.

This one is for all the people who:

  • Ever had a rockstar crush, even when they knew better
  • Ever yearned for something out of this world

I’m happily guilty of both, and it’s no surprise that the rockstar in this one wouldn’t leave me alone until I gave him a book where he played an even bigger role. Good thing our Evangeline isn’t quite as prone to being a fangirl as some of us. LOL

Here’s a little pic to help you get your head in the stars. (Find a new one every day over at Astronomy Picture of the Day.)


Close up of the Carina Nebula that looks like vividly coloured clouds full of stars.
Carina Nebula Close Up (Image Credit & Copyright: Bastien Foucher, via Astronomy Picture of the Day)

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